Replace Design Kitchen furnishing on the move

Replace Design launches a new concept of contemporary kitchen.

The Replace Design Kitchen is a modern kitchen created by Italian master carpenters with refined materials and quality and with an innovative system of interchangeable panels.

The exclusive patented connecting system allows quick and immediate replacement liners, application no need the support of a specialist necessarily.

A collection of natural wood finishes or fun colors allow anyone who buys the Replace Design kitchen to replace easily, in whole or in part, the look of their own kitchen. The imagination is your only limit!

Cucine moderne replace design

The kitchens project by Replace Design

The kitchens project by Replace Design has been studied in every smallest particular. The details are carefully crafted, the materials used in processing are designed to last and guarantees clients a superior quality handmade product.

The Replace kitchen is an innovative product that enables customers to easily renew the furnishing of their own kitchen without the need to give up to a manufacture craft product made by the best Italian master artisans.

Replace Design introduces a new concept of quality handmade joinery combining the experience of its trusted producers at the innovation of Replace Design Kitchens.

Replace Design offers all the quality of a product of solid carpentry craftsmanship the result of a long experience in the field.

The Replace Design products are manufactured in wood 100%.

The coverings draw on the most modern construction technologies available in the various materials, ranging from pure essence of woods combined with glass, metals, special paints and more. 

Replace Design is: craft production, contemporary design, quality Made in Italy. >> How to buy