Modern Kitchens

The Replace Design furniture system allows a complete redefinition of the spaces.

The project is the outcome of a careful study of the designers. The result is a modern kitchen of high quality and extremely versatile, which contains - already in the basic version - all the features of a larger kitchen.

The modular system and the possibility of requesting tailor-made manufacturing guarantee the adaptability to every living context and to every need of space.

The versatility of a product like the one proposed is easy to place in very different contexts.

It ranges from the customer passionate about design that appreciates the clean lines of modern furniture, to "standardized" solutions that can be easily incorporated into residential projects, where, however, it is also easy to offer the possibility of customizing the finished product.

A not inconsiderable advantage in the global market that tends more and more towards the extreme customization of products up to the product "on demand".

Behind its apparent simplicity, the Replace Design project hides technical solutions that upset classical productive standards.

The coatings completely cover the structure of the kitchen as a protective shell.

Furthermore, the choice of high quality materials and accessories, the know-how acquired during the development phases and the innovation have brought a new life into a static market for many years.